Planning Applications

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Smart Planning routinely submits applications across the full range of development proposals. This includes planning policy, historical and other contextual analysis, the production of targeted Planning, Design and Access Statements, instructing on and collating expert reports, designing and developing a suite of plans, proactive monitoring post-submission, and ongoing collaboration with our colleagues in Local Authority throughout the development lifetime.

Smart Planning routinely submits applications across the full range of development proposals

In addition to planning applications we are also commonly involved in other applications including for Listed Building Consent, the Display of Advertisements, Pre-Application Advice, Prior Notifications and Lawful Development Certificates.

Design Studio

Our qualified Design Studio Technicians have the necessary building knowledge, expertise and creative flare to bring your development aspirations to life.

The Design Studio liaise with our Planning Consultants and their respective clients on the preparation of plans to suit their needs, whilst adhering to nationally and locally adopted space and design standards.

Our Design Studio regularly draw:

  • Location Plans
  • Location Maps
  • Existing Site Plans
  • Existing Elevations and Floor Plans
  • Proposed Site Plans
  • Proposed Elevations and Floor Plans
  • 3D Models

Furthermore, each Local Planning Authority has a specific ‘validation checklist’ for the submission of planning applications. This requires each submission to be accompanied by a set of appropriately scaled plans. If you are unsure of what plans you require to submit, our Design Studio are here to assist you.

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